Weightless Feelings Weigh Down – Live – OUT NOW

Five years to the day since its recording please enjoy the first LostAlone live record – Weightless Feelings Weigh Down
I wouldn’t call it a mountain we had to climb to get this record out but more of an un-burial followed by a climb from the deepest and darkest oceanic crevices.

The record is 21 songs long and enjoys no autotune or replacement of any of the sounds, it is presented exactly as it was on the night with all the emotions doing what they do to the vocals and the diminishing ability to hold one’s self together. Talking of this we made the choice to remove two of our favourite songs from the album due to me (Steven) pretty much being in tears for most of Requiem and then the after effects of this on stage meltdown being very apparent in the disgraceful playing on Predators In a Maze. If we ever decide (if a demand exists?) to do a physical release then maybe we can include these as bonus “AWFUL VERSIONS”

We actually mixed the album about a month after the show back in early 2015 but in all honestly we were too broken and damaged by everything and they didn’t feel right.  So a month or so ago I took myself off to Northern Ireland where Peter Breen our amazing Front Of House (sound guy) lives and we rented an Air B&B in a place in the most southern part of Northern Ireland called The Mournes (very Lord Of The Rings / Game of Thrones take a look on google maps) and mixed the record like a live show. As I mentioned before we’ve done nothing to improve the recordings other than to slightly edit some of my between and sometimes MID SONG talking which honestly for the streaming world would just not work – one song had 15 minutes right in the middle of me talking about how I felt guilty toward Fender for always using Gibson guitars! So yeah we cut down some of the stuff.

Listening back to the recordings was really hard at first, I tried a few times over the years…. then when it came down to it and I really had to do the mix I was filled with pride and excitement as every song kicked in.  Thats the lasting memory of mixing these songs – the excitement that the three of us as LostAlone created together wether it was in front of 500 people, 18,000 people of just in our rehearsal room back in Derby – something uniquely special happens when LostAlone play and I really do miss that.

I’d like to dedicate this to everyone around the world who has supported our band in a more passionate way than most bands are lucky enough to experience. The songs and the memories that wrap themselves around the moments in all our lives are little time capsules that take us right back those magical places, what else can provoke such immediate connection? Only music and thats why we love it.

So enjoy this live album and have a great Christmas, enjoy the New Year and who knows what musical occurrences 2020 might bring……..

Steven Battelle
19th December 2019

Steven Battelle – Vocals/Guitars
Mark Gibson – Drums / Vocals
Alan Williamson – Bass / Vocals

Written By Steven Battelle
Produced by Peter Breen & Steven Battelle
Artwork Andrew Foster
FOH – Peter Breen
Guitar tech Jimi Woolley
Tech James O’Neill
Promoter Derby -Brett James
Promoter London – Alan Day
Agent Beckie Sugden
Management Ian Johnsen
Support Derby – Michael Mormecha,
Support London – Dave McPherson
DJ on the night – Matt Stocks


Sin And Sinners (UFO Demos) – NEW (Old) Music Friday

Streamable and downloadable here SIN AND SINNERS 

Christmas sale on all music and merch here 

SO here we are! Eight song mini album.
Some of these songs feature on the I’m A UFO in This City deluxe and some have never been released.
These songs could’ve made up the second record if we’d have recorded it sooner but in the end we signed to Warner Brothers and I restarted all the writing with a new vision, which I think we achieved 🙂
These songs are special though as they evoke strong feelings of our brilliant European tours, both heading and supporting. Hope you enjoy.

Sin And Sinners 
The song we opened all our tours with for between 2009 and 2011

A staple in the set during the Say No To The World tour and presumptive second record song until I re wrote the entire record.

Rarely played live but a real favourite of the three of us. Its about many of the sharks I’d encountered at that point in the music biz. I could probably write novel on the amount I’ve met since then 😉

Dead Men Walking
I wrote this in the Hollywood Hills and it was massively in the running for the second record for a long time. I remember working on it in a house overlooking the LA skyline and feeling very musically happy but very unstable in the business situation we were in.

A Ritualistic Mirage Of The Mind.
I remember clearly writing this in a hotel room in Helsinki during a fantastic headline tour we did in Finland. I’ll always rememberbeing in the shower and shouting lyrics to our guitar tech James who was in the main room watching TV.

Looking Over You Looking Over Me 
This is the song that sealed our signing to Warner Brothers out in the US. Again it never actually made the record and was only played live once!

Fall On Your Sword 
I wrote this song JUST before we recorded the UFO record and so it was just a little too late, we had our minds set on what the record was and so this was put aside for the next record. In the end this version actually came out on the Kerrang! youtube channel with a video I made in an hour.

Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning
I write this at the same time as Fall On Your Sword, they’ve always felt like partners to me. Its a beautiful song with my favourite ever emotional guitar solo.

Lung Space – The Lost Tapes

These six songs written by Steven Battelle date back to just prior to the making of the first LostAlone record.
Recorded in same studio as Say No To The World, Lung Space features three never before released songs and three songs that featured on rare European EP’s early in the bands career and available here for the first time worldwide download and to stream.

Track listing

The Gospel
Long Awaited Melody
Shapes At Dawn
Dead In The Future
The Sound Of Music

Download your copy now here!
Spotify / Apple Music after midnight.

As if all this wasn’t enough excitement the Say No To The World 10th Anniversary green vinyl is out in one week! Preorder your copy here

Say No To The World 10th Anniversary GREEN Vinyl release


To celebrate a decade since the release of our debut record Say No To The World I’m really happy to announce that on April 14th it will be available for the first time on limited (transparent green) vinyl. You can pre-order your copy now here Say No To The World green Vinyl and you’ll instantly receive a free download of the recently discovered original ELEVEN minute version of Standing On The Ruin Of A Beautiful Empire!

This record changed my life forever! Until we made it I’d been writing songs and together with Mark we’d formed a billion bands and never quite hearing the sound I heard in my head out of the speakers.
Looking back, the release on March 20th 2007 could be considered a starting whistle for the next ten years of my life! The record was almost instantly embraced in Europe, most notably Germany and it gave me my first taste of real touring (I thought I’d toured before but two weeks in the UK is not 30 dates in December in Germany!) and exposure to an amazing congregation of music loving people! I guess it gave me a career in music and a fanbase that to this day has continued to support my songs.

Its always been a dream of mine to have this released on vinyl and so I’m so excited to be able to finally have all my music turntable ready!

I hope you’ll enjoy

Say No To The World – Transparent green vinyl (limited print)
Release date April 14th
Pre order a copy here

Five years of I’m A UFO In This City + Never before heard recording.

Its been sometime since I’ve posted on here.
So the reason to write today is to mark the fifth anniversary of the second LostAlone record I’m A UFO In This City and to give you a version of a song which you wont have heard Get it here before and which hugely important to the band. The song AWOL Sunkissed featured on the European version of our debut record Say No To The World (more on the anniversary of that record coming next week!) and along with a selection of other demos this is the song that upon hearing it compelled the late, much missed and beautiful man Craig Aaronson to sign us to Warner Brothers Records.

If you were to ask the three of us “Whats the best time in the bands career?” I know the answer would be the seven weeks we spent making our second record in Los Angeles. I had total creative control over the record, the only thing that Craig asked of us was to re record AWOL Sunkissed because he felt it was a huge song and the US market had not had a chance to hear it. We discussed between the three of us and agreed. AWOL was to be recorded along with Love Will Eat You Alive and Paradox On Earth with Jacknife Lee at NRG studios in Hollywood. (Side note: the rest of the record was recorded with the fabulous Greg Wells at his studio a little deeper into Hollywood)

Looking back is not something I like to do at all, mainly because through the incredible experiences I will inevitably reach moments of such frustration, the why’s and the “what if that choice had not been made” Allowing 5 years to pass between our first and second records (when I had about 5 albums worth of material)due to various business and management problems. In my wisdom now this would never have been allowed to happen but I digress…..this is a happy memory!

By the time the UFO record came out two years had passed since we recorded, we had been forced to leave WB due to the entire team working on us in the US leaving the label and a new regime coming in. We decided that AWOL had already been out in Europe, the new deal we had at that time (we signed to another US label a little later) was UK / Euro centric and so felt it was strange to include what even at that point felt a very old song on our new record and which had already been out in that territory. So this song which we loved and was recorded by one of the worlds best producers and mixed by a legend was put on the metaphorical shelf (my hard drive)

Writing this has provoked many memories of how we came to be signed to Warner and the incredible dream like two weeks in which myself and Mark went from losing everything (including our first bass player) to having a worldwide record deal and ALAN! But thats for another time or maybe a book one day!

On another slight off centre side note. In a crime of the industry we are (one of us in – me – 2 of us out – Alan and Mark!) We, the band do not own the rights to UFO or SOS records and so are unable at this point to anything more than celebrate the anniversary. HOWEVER we do own the rights to our debut so look out here in the next weeks for a very special anniversary release.

So right now here’s where we are.
Mark is working in his (other than music) dream job, restoring classic Aston Martin cars.
Alan is working and succeeding in being an amazing dad to his beautiful baby daughter Skye.
Me, well I’m over here StevenBattelle.co.uk writing songs all day every day, making and releasing music.

Enjoy Awol Sunkissed and listen to I’m A UFO In This City LOUD today!
Steven Battelle
UFO on Spotify

AWOL Sunkissed – Get it here
Written by Steven Battelle
Produced by Jacknife Lee at NRG studios Los Angeles
Mixed by Alan Moulder at Assault and Battery London.

With Craig Aaronson outside Warner Brothers in Burbank

Thank you

Right now it all seems a blur. I’m sat on the shore of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland looking at the alps and listening to the sound of the Christmas market going on behind me. LostAlone as a physical entity, something you can touch came to an end on Friday and with it the end of a chemistry that was formulated when myself and Mark met aged 11 and finally found its missing component when Alan joined us 5 years ago. So you see this isn’t the ending of a band this is the ending of a constant in my life since I was but a child.
I’m so proud of everything we released, especially our final album Shapes Of Screams and although we are not together the music can, should and will continue to be played, shared and “gotten into” Something that hit me at the final two shows is how much I love you guys, the fans of our band, I’d go as far as saying that I’m a fan of our fans” I was totally overcome with emotion when, in Derby, you held up the signs saying “thank you”!! Requiem is going to need some studio trickery for the live release(we recorded and filmed the shows) to alter my faltering voice on that one (its your fault for making me cry!!) I could write for another few hours about all this and maybe I will somewhere else where I dont clog up your timeline so much. So for now I just want to say thank you for supporting our band and I hope that you’ll enjoy what we do next individually. I’l always keep LostAlone stuff up to date here but if you’d like you can also “like” my own facebook page where I’ll be talking about solo plans, Im already half way through demoing my own record. I’m sure Alan and Mark will also be in touch soon.
Thank you