RIP Craig Aaronson

I’ve never met anyone with as much genuine enthusiasm for everything in front of him as Craig. Craig started every sentence, email or text to me with the word “brother” and it really did feel like you were to him, as his artist, his family.

After he signed us to Warner Brothers Records I spent every day for two years in close contact with him discussing every aspect of our band and the album we were making.

For one month in particular leading up to the making of the record and already with 60 songs demoed he told me that now was my time to speak to the world and set about pushing me to write with every second we had left before flying to the US to record. I would write a new song every day and by 4pm UK time Craig would be waking in LA I’d send him that day’s demo and await his feedback. It was and still remains the most magical songwriting experience of my life, you see to me this was everything I’d ever wanted.

To have a guy like Craig waiting on my songs every day and then enthusiastically firing feedback back at me, pushing me not to change (like you might expect from a major label A&R) but instead to be the most extreme version of myself. This was the most exhilarating adrenaline shot imaginable for a songwriter. In fact adrenaline is the perfect word to describe Craig, human adrenaline.

Craig visited NRG studios just as we were finishing up our song “Love Will Eat You Alive” with Jackknife Lee and he was literally fist pumping the air at the control desk when the chorus kicked in. The three of us will never forget that moment and we often refer back to it.

Craig is rightfully being described as a music industry legend for the bands he signed and for the way he became an essential part of those bands. Through the records he helped to bring into the world he made millions of people happy.

I last spoke to Craig just after Leeds festival this year when I told him that myself and Jim from Jimmy Eat World had met for the first time and had discussed how much we loved him, I’m so glad I told him this, of course his reply started with “thanks brother” To Craig Aaronson I say thank YOU brother.

Some important news.

LostAlone will forever be documented by our three albums of which we are immensely proud, the memories of the incredible support you have shown us, and the unbelievable places around the world we’ve had the opportunity to travel to together.

This is not something that we wanted to happen, and not a decision we took lightly. But unfortunately for us, events have transpired that make it impossible right now for us to continue the band we love.

We never dreamed that we would ever have fans as committed, passionate and supportive as you guys and we are extremely thankful to each and every one of you. We hope that this will continue as we take our first steps on our individual musical paths.

Hopefully we’ll see as many of you as possible at these final shows so we can say goodbye in person.

It’s our sincerest hope that in our physical absence our music will be safe in your hands.
Listen to it, share it, play it loud, sing it, cover it, own it, wear it and spread the word of LostAlone

Breathe in the future and exhale the past.

Steven, Mark & Alan
Tickets for Uk on sale Friday 17th October

THURSDAY 18th – London – The BARFLY

Looking Over You Looking Over Me – demo

Over on my official Facebook page you can hear this demo from the UFO era sessions
Hear it here!
And here are the lyrics

Looking Over You Looking Over Me

Every breath you take, take it to the grave
Does it feel the same, a silent serenade
Don’t leave just yet
I’m Looking over you looking over me
If I don’t wake up
If the world turns and my heart stops
If I don’t wake up
Yeah I’ll say c’est la vie
Don’t you cry for me
I fighting the light for you
As the seconds chase the hours into dark
I can’t feel your face or see breath anymore
Don’t leave just let
I’m looking over you looking over me
If I don’t wake up
If the world turns and my heart stops
If I don’t wake up
Yeah I’ll say c’est la vie
Don’t you cry for me
I’m falling apart no more beats in this heart
I’m absent but I’m fighting light for you
Don’t you know that you’re the hero
Breaking up for real
Don’t you know you’re the hero for real
If I don’t wake up
If the world turns and my heart stops
If I don’t wake up
Yeah I’ll say c’est la vie
Don’t you cry for me
I’m falling apart no more beats in this heart
A voice on the air yeah I know you’re aware
I’m absent but I’m fighting light for you

Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning- Lyrics

Hey guys here’s the lyrics for “Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning” which you can download for FREE here
I really love this song, probably the most emotional guitar solo I’ve ever created, alongside Hostages. At the time of writing I thought it would be a nice end to what became our third record but then as always happens another idea developed….. I was really excited to have a song that was almost fully led by voices and piano and then to feel the spine tingle when the drums/ bass and guitar solo kicked in. We’ve never played it live on stage but we have in rehearsal and it felt great!

Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning

Untangle the wires about your frame
Watch all the world fall into place
It’s not real we’re only dreaming
It was so long ago, our whispers erased
And we only had a taste
This is every horror
Untangle the wires about your frame
Watch all the world fall into place
We’re not only here to serve you
I’ve got a lot to say, can we do this other ways
Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning

Method To My Madness – Lyrics

Hey guys, I know a bunch of you were looking for the lyrics to this song so I wrote them out for you below. For those of you who don’t know it – its the iTunes bonus track for Shapes Of Screams which you can find here
I wrote this during a big few months of productivity in early 2013 and it was considered along with 99 other songs for the record. Demo wise this is full band apposed to the majority of the demos which are just me with garageband. I love the riff and enjoyed cutting loose for the guitar solo!

Method To My Madness
I’m not what you wanted
And I can’t chase time for a conflict
A broken empty patience
A violence fuelled by population
A wipeout, a strangled choke hold
I’m unable to make sense of my own hope
And we’re losing our own battle
The lease is up on rage
We’re trapped constantly attacked
But there’s a method to my madness
Madness is my weakness
I never want to dim the fire that’s beneath us
It’s the differences that shape us
We’re living the sixth extinction
The problem is we revel in the symptoms
Lonely python, reptile cyclone
These are the last days