Post tour thoughts

Power To Play tour is over and I’m choosing (with some intense will power) to not allow post tour blues to sink me but to instead be grateful that it happened.

There’s definitely a tendency in the immediate aftermath of a tour to have extreme emotions and think that the experience you’ve just had is the best experience ever had by any living being EVER but in this case I can truly say with no hesitation, this tour has etched itself across my heart and taken its place within my memory banks all time life highlights reel. 

The way I’d describe touring to someone who’s never experienced it or never experienced it LIKE THIS is the following

You’re an unruly mob or dedicated / possibly slightly unhinged people who all have specialist skills and whose only purpose is to ensure that they create the best show that that nights audience have ever seen. Every single person on the tour is dedicated to that eventuality from truck driver, through catering, techs, production to the artists. 

We’ve headlined many tours and of course love playing to our own audience but equally I relish the experience of supporting. 

You’re backstage with your friends in a room and the other side of wall is a baying mob of rabid lunatics (I say that with all intended love – I’m one too) who are probably just wanting the support band to be over and get to the main event. What I love is walking out and being the surprise in everyone’s evening, winning a crowd and transforming people into fans is an incredible feeling and that’s happened night after night on this tour for which me and the guys are massively grateful!

To have a new audience embrace and sing songs they’ve probably never heard before every night elevated my belief even more that music is the greatest. 

Lastly I’d like to thank my dudes in @mcfly – who would’ve thought two and half years ago when we wrote our first song together that we’d end up sharing such incredible experiences and play these songs to the aforementioned baying mob – the people that make this all happen for us. 

Thanks to everyone on the crew and to all you amazing audiences who I hope to see in March on our headline tour – tickets here

Rogue Steve ✨

📸 Federica Burellii 

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