New songs , Old songs and rehearsing for tour.

It’s been such a productive few months both in the writing area and in the rehearsing of some of our older songs.
One in particular that was such a huge player back around our first record release!
but that I think I fell a little but out of love with is making a HUGE return and is pretty much definitely in the set list for our upcoming tour and its feeling so good! I think sometimes songs that you’ve played so much sometimes just need a little rest like fields that are left fallow for a year to let the nutrients return.

Up next for us is huge tour with our friends Mcfly, I actually visited one of the venues from we’ll be playing on the tour today, Alexandra Palace which is majestic. I’ve seen Enter Shikari and Deftness play amazing shows here so I’m very revved make a mark on this one!

Remaining tickets for tour are here
We also have very limited amounts of last tours merch over here

Loved reading all your thoughts on The Final Call For Forever

And finally….new music coming imminently!


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