Weightless Feelings Weigh Down – Live – OUT NOW

Five years to the day since its recording please enjoy the first LostAlone live record – Weightless Feelings Weigh Down
I wouldn’t call it a mountain we had to climb to get this record out but more of an un-burial followed by a climb from the deepest and darkest oceanic crevices.

The record is 21 songs long and enjoys no autotune or replacement of any of the sounds, it is presented exactly as it was on the night with all the emotions doing what they do to the vocals and the diminishing ability to hold one’s self together. Talking of this we made the choice to remove two of our favourite songs from the album due to me (Steven) pretty much being in tears for most of Requiem and then the after effects of this on stage meltdown being very apparent in the disgraceful playing on Predators In a Maze. If we ever decide (if a demand exists?) to do a physical release then maybe we can include these as bonus “AWFUL VERSIONS”

We actually mixed the album about a month after the show back in early 2015 but in all honestly we were too broken and damaged by everything and they didn’t feel right. ┬áSo a month or so ago I took myself off to Northern Ireland where Peter Breen our amazing Front Of House (sound guy) lives and we rented an Air B&B in a place in the most southern part of Northern Ireland called The Mournes (very Lord Of The Rings / Game of Thrones take a look on google maps) and mixed the record like a live show. As I mentioned before we’ve done nothing to improve the recordings other than to slightly edit some of my between and sometimes MID SONG talking which honestly for the streaming world would just not work – one song had 15 minutes right in the middle of me talking about how I felt guilty toward Fender for always using Gibson guitars! So yeah we cut down some of the stuff.

Listening back to the recordings was really hard at first, I tried a few times over the years…. then when it came down to it and I really had to do the mix I was filled with pride and excitement as every song kicked in. ┬áThats the lasting memory of mixing these songs – the excitement that the three of us as LostAlone created together wether it was in front of 500 people, 18,000 people of just in our rehearsal room back in Derby – something uniquely special happens when LostAlone play and I really do miss that.

I’d like to dedicate this to everyone around the world who has supported our band in a more passionate way than most bands are lucky enough to experience. The songs and the memories that wrap themselves around the moments in all our lives are little time capsules that take us right back those magical places, what else can provoke such immediate connection? Only music and thats why we love it.

So enjoy this live album and have a great Christmas, enjoy the New Year and who knows what musical occurrences 2020 might bring……..

Steven Battelle
19th December 2019

Steven Battelle – Vocals/Guitars
Mark Gibson – Drums / Vocals
Alan Williamson – Bass / Vocals

Written By Steven Battelle
Produced by Peter Breen & Steven Battelle
Artwork Andrew Foster
FOH – Peter Breen
Guitar tech Jimi Woolley
Tech James O’Neill
Promoter Derby -Brett James
Promoter London – Alan Day
Agent Beckie Sugden
Management Ian Johnsen
Support Derby – Michael Mormecha,
Support London – Dave McPherson
DJ on the night – Matt Stocks


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