Sin And Sinners (UFO Demos) – NEW (Old) Music Friday

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SO here we are! Eight song mini album.
Some of these songs feature on the I’m A UFO in This City deluxe and some have never been released.
These songs could’ve made up the second record if we’d have recorded it sooner but in the end we signed to Warner Brothers and I restarted all the writing with a new vision, which I think we achieved 🙂
These songs are special though as they evoke strong feelings of our brilliant European tours, both heading and supporting. Hope you enjoy.

Sin And Sinners 
The song we opened all our tours with for between 2009 and 2011

A staple in the set during the Say No To The World tour and presumptive second record song until I re wrote the entire record.

Rarely played live but a real favourite of the three of us. Its about many of the sharks I’d encountered at that point in the music biz. I could probably write novel on the amount I’ve met since then 😉

Dead Men Walking
I wrote this in the Hollywood Hills and it was massively in the running for the second record for a long time. I remember working on it in a house overlooking the LA skyline and feeling very musically happy but very unstable in the business situation we were in.

A Ritualistic Mirage Of The Mind.
I remember clearly writing this in a hotel room in Helsinki during a fantastic headline tour we did in Finland. I’ll always rememberbeing in the shower and shouting lyrics to our guitar tech James who was in the main room watching TV.

Looking Over You Looking Over Me 
This is the song that sealed our signing to Warner Brothers out in the US. Again it never actually made the record and was only played live once!

Fall On Your Sword 
I wrote this song JUST before we recorded the UFO record and so it was just a little too late, we had our minds set on what the record was and so this was put aside for the next record. In the end this version actually came out on the Kerrang! youtube channel with a video I made in an hour.

Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning
I write this at the same time as Fall On Your Sword, they’ve always felt like partners to me. Its a beautiful song with my favourite ever emotional guitar solo.

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