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A Harvest for the world

by steven — 10:04am on Tuesday, April 21st 2009

Hey guys I guess you are maybe wondering what on earth we are doing! Well I wonder sometimes but FEAR NOT!!  I made the decision that this album has to be the greatest rock record ever made and we should not have to worry about schedules and commit to a recording date while my direct link to melody is still harvesting more riches. Believe me the idea of getting out on tour right now is driving us three crazy – we live for the shows and this absence is real difficult on us but I hope you understand that we have to make the record of our lives and with NO COMPROMISE!

Ok so I’m sitting here listening through the songs we have narrowed down from well over 100 and I thought lets share the titles with the world  (some of which are still working titles) Also take into account I’m still writing!

in no order AT ALL
Question everything
Scarlet letter rhymes
Universal red alert
Orchestra of breathing
Blunt Force Trauma
Starry Night
Face your Mortality
Waste away in silence
We are the waste of an ancient race
Perfect stranger
Mono matrimony
Pretend not to notice
History Romanticises Traitors
Life is one long goodbye
Some days
Sin and sinners
Burn the secrets
Looking over you looking over me
Dead men walking
Eugene Victor Tooms
An American Nights Sleep
All messed up with no place to go
Seven Lonely Dreams