Say No To The World 10th Anniversary GREEN Vinyl release


To celebrate a decade since the release of our debut record Say No To The World I’m really happy to announce that on April 14th it will be available for the first time on limited (transparent green) vinyl. You can pre-order your copy now here Say No To The World green Vinyl and you’ll instantly receive a free download of the recently discovered original ELEVEN minute version of Standing On The Ruin Of A Beautiful Empire!

This record changed my life forever! Until we made it I’d been writing songs and together with Mark we’d formed a billion bands and never quite hearing the sound I heard in my head out of the speakers.
Looking back, the release on March 20th 2007 could be considered a starting whistle for the next ten years of my life! The record was almost instantly embraced in Europe, most notably Germany and it gave me my first taste of real touring (I thought I’d toured before but two weeks in the UK is not 30 dates in December in Germany!) and exposure to an amazing congregation of music loving people! I guess it gave me a career in music and a fanbase that to this day has continued to support my songs.

Its always been a dream of mine to have this released on vinyl and so I’m so excited to be able to finally have all my music turntable ready!

I hope you’ll enjoy

Say No To The World – Transparent green vinyl (limited print)
Release date April 14th
Pre order a copy here


Excited to announce our new album is called ‘SHAPES OF SCREAMS’ and will be released on Monday April 7th. To coincide with the release we will be embarking on a headline tour of the UK!

It’s available on CD (all copies signed for a limited time), mp3 download and various bundles which are outlined below!

(there WILL be a vinyl LP at a slightly later date and we’ll have details of it soon once we’ve worked out some bits!).



CD + limited edition black ‘S.O.S’ t-shirt (only available during pre-order) — £20

CD + limited edition grey ‘S.O.S’ t-shirt (only available during pre-order) — £20

CD + tour ticket— from £13

CD + tour ticket + S.O.S t-shirt — from £22

iTunes download featuring bonus track — £7.99


PS: For a short time, anything you buy from the store along with a pre-order will get you a bonus 20% discount if you use the code ‘LA20‘ at checkout!