Shapes Of Screams [X] Digital Bonus Tracks

Thanks so much for buying the new Black Ice Transparent Vinyl anniversary addition of Shapes of Screams  You sold out the mega bundle in the first few hours.

Still available individually and as a bundle are the vinyl itself and the T shirt + the vinyl comes with signed art print.
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Today we’ve also just released a bonus track version of the record.
Although I wrote a mountain of songs for the album we didnt actually demo many songs other than that actual final track listing.

So here we have
Crusaders ( vocals only) we thought would be fun for you to hear.
Method To My Madness (demo) Previously Apple release only
Do Hold Your Breath (demo) The first of two totally uneard songs
Dreams Collide (Demo) The second uneard song

We hope you love these insights into the process of making this record that we are still so proud of.
Click the image and be transported to streaming world.

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