Thank you

Right now it all seems a blur. I’m sat on the shore of Lake Geneva in Montreux, Switzerland looking at the alps and listening to the sound of the Christmas market going on behind me. LostAlone as a physical entity, something you can touch came to an end on Friday and with it the end of a chemistry that was formulated when myself and Mark met aged 11 and finally found its missing component when Alan joined us 5 years ago. So you see this isn’t the ending of a band this is the ending of a constant in my life since I was but a child.
I’m so proud of everything we released, especially our final album Shapes Of Screams and although we are not together the music can, should and will continue to be played, shared and “gotten into” Something that hit me at the final two shows is how much I love you guys, the fans of our band, I’d go as far as saying that I’m a fan of our fans” I was totally overcome with emotion when, in Derby, you held up the signs saying “thank you”!! Requiem is going to need some studio trickery for the live release(we recorded and filmed the shows) to alter my faltering voice on that one (its your fault for making me cry!!) I could write for another few hours about all this and maybe I will somewhere else where I dont clog up your timeline so much. So for now I just want to say thank you for supporting our band and I hope that you’ll enjoy what we do next individually. I’l always keep LostAlone stuff up to date here but if you’d like you can also “like” my own facebook page where I’ll be talking about solo plans, Im already half way through demoing my own record. I’m sure Alan and Mark will also be in touch soon.
Thank you

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