Method To My Madness – Lyrics

Hey guys, I know a bunch of you were looking for the lyrics to this song so I wrote them out for you below. For those of you who don’t know it – its the iTunes bonus track for Shapes Of Screams which you can find here
I wrote this during a big few months of productivity in early 2013 and it was considered along with 99 other songs for the record. Demo wise this is full band apposed to the majority of the demos which are just me with garageband. I love the riff and enjoyed cutting loose for the guitar solo!

Method To My Madness
I’m not what you wanted
And I can’t chase time for a conflict
A broken empty patience
A violence fuelled by population
A wipeout, a strangled choke hold
I’m unable to make sense of my own hope
And we’re losing our own battle
The lease is up on rage
We’re trapped constantly attacked
But there’s a method to my madness
Madness is my weakness
I never want to dim the fire that’s beneath us
It’s the differences that shape us
We’re living the sixth extinction
The problem is we revel in the symptoms
Lonely python, reptile cyclone
These are the last days

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