Giant Squids, singing under the stars & sold out Manchester!

After a dark comedy transportation start to the weekend we ambled into Manchester in multiple vehicles and played one of my favourite shows in recent memory. We added Requiem to the set list which felt great and also played Blood Is Sharp which we haven’t played in an age.
Sold out Manchester thank you!
I had a great time playing under the stars for a bunch of you after the show as well!
Steven Manchester acoustic

Our first visit to Rugby was great! Its always a treat when we play new places and an audience actually turns up! We dropped in “Genevieve” for this show which hasn’t been played in SO long! Loved meeting some of you after the show.

Check out the set list for both headline shows
Screen Shot 2014-08-02 at 10.56.23

Sunday saw our first time at Y Not festival, Its the closet to home we’ve been in a while and I couldn’t help feeling proud of all involved at how great an operation it was! We had a brilliant time. We played on the giant squid stage with a great bill! Felt odd doing only six songs after the headline shows, oh and I destroyed my hip bone diving out of the crowd!
Set list:
Do you Get What You Pray For?
The Bells! The Bells!!
Y not live

Birmingham and Strawberry Fields festival up next, tickets here

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