The ones that got away

Musical friends! Two songs that slipped out into the world in various stealth forms between I’m A UFO In This City and Shapes Of Screams albums are available now to one and all for FREE right here

Fall On Your Sword was written just after we recorded the UFO album and narrowly missed inclusion by a few weeks. Although we loved it, continue to do so, by the time we came to SOS it felt like part of a different time and with so many new songs to choose from it was sidelined again. I think it shows the transition of the band, the first time I really implemented extreme vocal harmonies.

Everybody Dies But The Worlds Still Turning is one of my favourite songs I’ve written, it feels like it’s from another part of my brain which I don’t often have full access to. It’s also my favourite guitar solo I’ve ever done. The adrenaline rush when the drums kick is enormous for me 🙂
I know these songs are kind of out and about but thought it would be nice to make sure everyone has easy access to them.
Hope you enjoy the ones that (almost) got away

everybody dies world still turning

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