Digesting Shapes of Screams.


So you guys have had a few weeks to digest Shapes of Screams now, how’re you enjoying it?
When you keep something so secretive for a year and then suddenly its out for all ears to consume, well its a strange feeling! I have loved reading your thoughts on the songs and the album as a whole. It felt very special during the UK tour to have the lyrics so forcefully sang back at us, especially after only a few days of hearing them.

I’m already thinking about how to go forward after SOS (demoed a few tracks) and looking forward to many tours and festivals in 2014

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2 thoughts on “Digesting Shapes of Screams.

  1. I’m enjoying Shapes of Screams so much, I haven’t stopped listening to it since it was released. I love the musical journey from start to finish and to have been able to sing back the lyrics during all the shows was the best feeling in the world. I cannot wait to hear some of these songs at Sonisphere and Redfest the festival atmosphere’s are crazy! Looking forward to all the roadtrips to these many tours 😀

  2. SOS is a masterpiece on many levels – musically and lyrically – I like the more ‘ethereal’ songs on the second half of the album especially. I find it really speaks to me as someone who finally feels like they’re getting their life/journey on track after graduating in a recession and being thwarted and intellectually repressed for two years. I only heard it the day before the gig I went to so only knew the words to the songs that had been released already but they gave me an opportunity to rest my throat from singing along with Ufo songs like and to soak up the atmosphere. Well done!

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