Tales from the road

What an incredible start to the year! We fell in love with the audiences in London and then felt unfaithful in Norwich when our affections were transported to a whole new geogrpahical location.
I’m convinced our love will blossom across the country over the next two weeks.
It’s great to be on the road with The Blackout who we get along with perfectly 🙂

As I’m sat here now listening to Roger Taylor’s new album I’m excited to be in the midst of much chatter concerning the upcoming plans for our album release and all that comes along with it 🙂

Now then all you new people! You can download The Bells! The Bells!! for free right here
And pre order our new record here
More soon

Here are some pictures we’ve taken so far

pictorial set list


Cafe Norwich

Oh also did you see this we announced this
Redfest poster 1

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