New Album! Get involved as we team up with Pledge music to bring you something special

Hey everyone, and welcome to the beginning of ALBUM 3! Along with our label we’ve teamed up with PledgeMusic to offer you direct and inside coverage of the making of the record as well as a whole host of unique ways to pre order the album!
As well as you guys gaining access to exclusive weekly updates (including previews of the songs and in studio updates) you’ll also be able to buy Pledge only formats, merch and special items, all of which can be found over on the right hand side of this page.
More importantly after the delays that plagued the release of our “I’m A UFO In This City” album we’re literally exploding with creativity to get back in the studio and make, then release in a timely fashion(THIS YEAR), this new record! You guys, the fans, supporters of LostAlone are essential to our existence so who better to put our trust in than you! Every pre order / pledge you make matters and will have a direct result on the success of the record.
Once we reach 100% the wheels will be set in motion to send out your various items!
This is the future, we hope you’ll enjoy sharing this experience with us and all the cool products we’ve put together for you

To get involved and see all the full details go HERE

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