The Beekeepers

Last night I went to see a band that had a big impact on me growing up. It was a one off reunion show by The Beekeepers. They’re from my home town and NOT one of the many other bands from around the globe who have since adopted the same name.

Its hard to describe how important this band is to everything I’ve done since. Having been listening exclusively to Queen since the age of 5 our new guitar player, of the band we had at school, told me about this band I should check out. We went to see them play in a pub (we were dramatically underage!), in Belper which is near to Derby, I was instantly convinced of their greatness.

The Beekeepers captured my imagination to such an extent that looking back I’m pretty sure the songs I was writing at the time, for my school band, were my own interpretations of the early Beekeepers demos!

I was actually hesitant to go to the show last night, some things are best left in the past as great memories but I am so glad I went now! Although they were missing original rhythm guitarist Julian Berry they still had the exact same power and passion that captured my impressionable musical mind years ago. I believed back then and last night reaffirmed the belief that it is a crime this band didn’t achieve bigger success.

My favourite recording is the 6 track demo that I managed to get because our guitarist at the time was the nephew of the bands manager, it really captures the band as I remember them, intense energetic and fun.

The song Elsewhere is one of the few songs I wish I had written (along with Queen’s Somebody To Love) that’s the best compliment I could give a song!
I’ve been thinking a lot (maybe too much) about time on earth, destiny and legacy while making our new record and it makes no sense to me that a song like Elsewhere (from the mini album THIRD PARTY FEAR AND THEFT, BUY IT FROM iTunes) is not in consciousness of the world – Although we did try and break it into the US market while cruising along Santa Monica during a day off from recording, blasting it out the hire car speakers!

Thanks to the Beekeepers for the music, the memories AND for playing Deep Fried Thought!!