Metaphorically passsing the Van Allen radiation belt

France definitely has good water pressure, this morning I’ve been experimenting with the various settings on the shower in my hotel room and I’m happy to confirm it was a victory all round. I’m slowly and somewhat purposefully getting a reputation as a flooder of hotel bathrooms. Maybe its the Merman in me but  I just dont feel complete in the morning unless I know that the once dry floor is submerged and that I alone caused the carnage.

Since the first show in Tilburg, Netherlands we have been having the best time, mainland Europe proves once again to be the most beautiful and receptive of places. I definitely feel we have begun a love affair with France, these past two shows have been amongst the greatest ever for us, combine that with the quality of water pressure and its a dream combination.That’s not to say I’ve not loved every city on this tour -I just think having not played a show for a YEAR, before this tour, we are just hitting our true form. Like Apollo 11 blasting away from its earthly restraints its a truly turbulent trip as it races to escape the atmosphere but then once you clear the Van Allen radiation belt you’re clear and cruising. Cant wait to revisit every single city we have played on this tour.

Before last nights show we had a little play around with one of my personal favorite songs – Numb by Marina & the Diamonds. Its a song we will pursue and may turn up on something in the future, I hope so. You can watch the clip here

Barcelona next