the syringe in which melody is injected

If I can open a window into how I personally feel about touring, imagine being welcomed open arms into a brand new community of like minded, passionate and unhinged music fans every night. Like being the new kid at school except instead of isolationist feelings it’s a barrage of beautiful acceptance. I do not believe that every band would have had the same experience playing such intense and scrupulous fans as the MCRmy but I hope you guys feel the same when I say I felt an instant connection with you all, we are treading the same path of truthfulness in music and I am grateful to have fed off your energy for the past two months.

To pick a highlight is impossible, every show has had special moments.

I’m overwhelmed by all the comments and messages on our various online platforms, we read everything and it really does make it all worth while to know we have had such an effect on you at these shows. Seeing all the new fan communities springing up is a ludicrous feeling! I’m looking forward to experiencing this next year and beyond with all of you as a part of the family.

I would like to personally say thank you to My Chemical Romance along with the whole crew who made out touring experience the most enjoyable time of my life, I know Alan, Mark and our crew feel the same.

Lastly thanks to YOU, ever one of you at the shows for being ridiculously addictive! I’m having major withdrawal symptoms right now. Music is my drug and in you guys I have found the perfect syringe in which to inject the melody.

I hope to see many of you in London on 29th March at Notting Hill Arts Club for our headline show. If you are coming to the meet and greet have you voices in fine form as I have a feeling we may get musical