Paradox On Earth

Hey everyone. The tour is fully underway now and we are having such an amazing time. Such a pleasure to play for you guys and to meet so many like minded people, its really hard to imagine a better existence.
Sharing the stage with MCR is such an amazing privilege and personally I find it an inspiration – these guys got to where they are through hard work and, just like all of us, an intense love of music. They are proof that in a world of manufactured everything – great songs and being an amazing live band still makes the biggest connection and wins the day.

I felt really rusty in London ( it was our first show in a year!) but you guys in the crowd gave me the strength to power through! Birmingham NEC literally blew my mind – thanks so much for all the love – MCR fans are amazing!

Also massive shout out to the blackout who are laying waste every night, great band!

We have just made available the first song to be taken from our upcoming new album its called Paradox On Earth and you can get it for FREE here

Free track from the forth-coming album