Fall On Your Sword video and free download

I wrote this song just before we flew out to Los Angeles to record the new album, it wasn’t quite ready for those sessions but really felt like it belonged within the concept of the album.

When we came home we decided to record the song and so booked into Snug Studios right here in our hometown. We have demoed songs here for years and always have the best time – excessive fast food consumption and the formation of “BeefGrape” our side project featuring Rob and Rich, the studio owners and co producers of this song.

We spontaneously made a video a few nights ago with the help of our backline tech James with a budget of zero and just my little camcorder. Both the video and the lyrics have deep meaning for me – its part of an overall piece, which encompasses the new album and the other 80 songs I wrote during late 2009 and the first four months of 2010 under the umbrella title of – WE EXIST AS SHADOWS.

I hope to release more songs from this mountain alongside the upcoming new album, so you will be getting A LOT of new music from us this year.

Fall On Your Sword is just the start and remember this is NOT ON THE ALBUM and will only be available as a free download here.

I know you guys have all been so patient in waiting for our new record, believe me the three of us cant wait for you to hear what we made.