I’ll sleep when I’m Dead

So Ive been in Hollywood since Tuesday mixing every day with Mark Needham at his studio. We have been so lucky to work with such amazingly talented people on this record and Mark is another great addition to the list. Check him out being interviewed here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lI-4fODJyiE
For the first time tonight I’ve been able to listen to what I think is 99% the final mixes, bar a few tiny changes which I’m sure we’ll make.
The last few times Ive been in the US Ive created my own timezone and this time its gone even further – literally falling asleep for a couple of hours around 7pm and then back up at 11pm and awake for the rest of the night and all day, kinda living the UK and USA days in full – a double day. All these extra hours are really helping with the writing the 3rd album – already got a lot of new songs.
In the words of Bon Jovi “I’ll sleep when I’m Dead
4:37am two hours until room service opens!!