Death Calculator

I’ve started waking up and immediately naming my dreams, in the same way one names a song, book or film. Last night I was dreaming of a future where we all know the exact date that we will leave this life. I titled the dream Death Calculator and the way in which death is calculated is with a small pocket calculator, the DC. Using different mathematical equations you can keep recalculating how long you have left.

For someone like me, obsessive about schedule’s it actually worked quite well – you know exactly how many days hours months and years you have left so you can allocate exactly the amount of time you would like to dedicate to different pursuits perfectly.

On the other hand the not knowing is quite fun as well

I’m off to Los Angeles to mix the rest of the album at the end of next week – then its time to set about TOURING THE WORLD. I loved touring Europe and the Uk on our first album and getting to travel back to these places has me beyond excited PLUS we will be touring MANY new far flung places. I have to say ever since I saw footage of Queen arriving in Japan in 74 its been a dream of mine – one which is to become true with this album!

Been loving all your artwork you have sent in for our rehearsal room wall, keep it coming