Out of my mind for 48 hours

So the weekend is over and I’m thankful I made it, I was not built to relax and having two days off in the middle of the creative process just sent me crazy. On Saturday I managed to set fire to a potato I was trying to cook in our 17th century excuse for a cooker (how come we are residing in an exclusive apartment in the hills with all the mod cons but they decided to import an oven from a few centuries ago!) Set off the fire alarm just as Alan and Mark returned from a mammoth trek into Hollywood that took them SIX hours (7 minuets in the car!!) Alan was forced to rip the alarm from the wall to shut it up and so now if we do have a fire we have no warning! I’ll call maintenance today.
Week one has been a revelation – Greg Wells is a genius and we have really started to explore the extremities of our band – excited to get back with him in a couple of weeks. Today we start with Jacknife Lee for two solid weeks although the dreaded weekend will appear again (luckily we are going to see our friends band play to 10000 people on Saturday so that should break it up!)
JKL has worked on some of my favorite records and I cant wait to see what he brings to the LostAlone table. Its hard to think that by June 1st we will have an album! Although we still have to have it mixed but for my part it will be done! then time to TOUR THE WORLD!
During the 48 hours of hell I have re watched Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Until the light takes us (documentary on black metal WATCH IT!) A Lil Wayne Documentary he reminds me of me in terms of song output! the American Office and the best new program for being so bad SMASH CUTS!