Give Thought A Voice

I really don’t know how I’m going to cope as the day draws close when this album is complete!! Its been a three year journey since we released Say No To The World and just over TWO years since we finished touring it. How will I fill my days (I’m sure Warner Brothers will have plenty of ideas!)
I can already tell you that this is NOT going to be Say No To The World part 2! For those of you who have been reading my rants for the past few years you will have read me describe my ambition for the record to make the “heavy more brutal the subtle more beautiful, the melody more melodic and the riffology more rifftense! I hold to these values as we set about our final two weeks of preparation in Derby.
We have chosen five songs that are 100% locked! feels good!! We are now in the process of choosing the remaining songs AND I’m still writing/ recording a song every day.
Today I have mostly paced around my apartment in silence with my pen and note book giving voice to my endless thoughts – LYRICS are IMPORTANT to me!!
Feels great to have locked down our producers, more news on them SOON
Back to writing for me