Obsessive compulsion to create

I had the realization that right now I am involved in a process that I have obsessed about since my focus shifted from Star Wars and Transformers to all things music. With already around 80 demos done, since we finished two years of solid touring our debut Say No To The World album, over the past few weeks I have written and demoed 25 brand new songs. We are now heavily submerged in the song selection, making lists, testing out running orders – all the things I also love!
I’ve moved into my own personal time zone, which actually involves no sleep but every 3.5 days I crash out at 3:30pm for an hour or two. Running myself into the ground this may be but this ground is fertile and in need of harvest.
It’s a creative level I have never previously experienced and a new way for us to work. I have only played with the guys once since the tour. Instead I write, record and enjoy frequent visits from the guys – communication with other living beings is essential for keeping sane.
I love finishing a song and receiving instant feedback from Mark, Alan and Craig (our A&R). When we began this album things were so different to the magical place we now find ourselves inhabiting
To all of you who are anticipating this record I share your anticipation!
Beautiful and Brutal music

For the record I still love Star Wars & Transformers