Give me a machine gun and a license to kill

So I wanted to write this while it was fresh in my mind. I often get the bus over to my parents and always avoid the school kids heading off for their day of education, however today I mistimed my journey. Now in the past I think I would have felt intimidated by the rabble but right now I’m in an extremely happy musical state. So I took my seat for the 7 minute journey and…
First the shouts of “greb greb” then the bus tickets landing in my hair – that’s all fine – As you and I know, When you look as good as we all do the small minds of the world have to react in the only way the know how – they regress a few million years and communicate with grunts and throw things. It made me wonder about a program I watched the other night about the oldest complete fossil that had been discovered and was possibly the missing link – Did this little lemur know what he was doing by having opposable thumbs? I suppose I can’t blame a 47 million year old fossil for some 14-year-old thugs.
I think the thing that really set this barrage apart from the usual hate was when we passed an ambulance and one of the children said and I quote “ oh good another old person dead”  “ they should have an island where when they get to 86 they all go and die”
Disgusted is not even the start of how I felt hearing this. My granddad is 86 and took part in WW2 so that little plankton like this can sit on a bus and come out with such drivel! Give me a machine gun and a license to kill!!!!!!!!!!!

Some school girls sat around me happily listening to there Ipods – I think the ipod is a blessing for these kids who don’t want to be subjected to these torrents of abuse everyday, instead they can drift off into the world of music which we love. Unfortunately I didn’t have my ipod defensive blockhead in place today.

I wonder if they had a clue what I was thinking? I wonder if they know what it is I do?  I’m sure it would be irrelevant – It might be nice to think that they think “hey that guy went to our school and look now he travels around the world unleashing rock upon audiences and has a great life – I doubt this very much though!

I recently did an interview with a nice man for the schools B line magazine, talking about the band giving advice – My advice now would be unprintable!

2 thoughts on “Give me a machine gun and a license to kill

  1. I don’t normally comment on this site or any as a matter of fact simply because I never really have anything of consequence to contribute. However your post reminded me of my own perilous journeys around derby on the bus. I too avoid the times in which the youths travel to/from school like the plague. On the occasions that I do however miss time my journeys and the youngsters are feeling particularly adventurous, the result is thrown bus tickets in the hair (seems to be a classic). However I do prefer that to the cigarette butts and chewing gum, that’s just my personal preference though. I have found presence of my ipod on the bus to be a comforting one. It doesn’t stop them from starting however it does make me in most cases make me oblivious to a majority of it (discounting the projectiles).

    I can remember years ago when I was maybe 16 that I saw you in town (I had been to your gigs and so I recognised you) I wasn’t the only person to be staring at you at the time (small minds) . However I was indeed thinking “he travels around the world unleashing rock upon audiences and has a great life” or at least something along those lines.

    Just so you know

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