The journey continues…

Hey guys.
The LostAlone journey continues breathing, music is the air that I breathe and my roxygen supply is currently plentiful and knows no bounds.
So later this month I will  have some real exciting news to share with you all, however firstly I must share some other news with you.

Like I said in previous blogs making this record has pushed us to the limits of endurance, seen us travel and work in Hollywood, Montreux , Berlin, Vienna and Derby and I have loved every minute of it, I personally thrive on the pressure and every day I feel excited about this monster we are creating.
Unfortunately Tom has not been feeling the same way as Mark and me and so we have mutually agreed that he will no longer be in the band, his interest is no longer in LostAlone and for the past few months he has been a passenger rather than an integral part.

Without belittling Toms role in the band and your guys affection for him this really is the best thing that could have happened and the ONLY way in which the band could have continued. Mark and myself wish Tom the best in his future. We already have a new bass player ALAN WILLIAMSON  –  the album is still on schedule and we will be touring the EVERYWHERE in the world SOON!!

To introduce Alan we will play this TINY!!! SHOW in our hometown DERBY – here are all the details below!


LOSTALONE [ ] will exit thier current silence with a roasting summer show in Derby’s best loved alternative pub!

The band will play an intimate concert upstairs in THE BLESSINGTON CARRIAGE on June 27th 2009.

This show has been planned with announcements and suprises in mind. The band are fully loaded and ready to go with new songs, current faves and riffology aplenty.

The show is so intimate that there are only 50 tickets for pre-sale. These can be purchased by following the link below . . . . . . . .

Our friends at Gigantic have also lowered the booking fee for the event!!!!! Tickets will be sent out to you in the post on purchase!

DATE :: 27TH JUNE 2009

VENUE :: THE BLESSINGTON CARRIAGE, 11-17 Chapel St Derby, DE1 3GU – 01332 365988 [SEE ABOVE FOR LINK TO MAP]

PRICE :: £5


AGES :: 18+ only and strict


PROMOTER :: Micky Sheehan [email protected]

3 thoughts on “The journey continues…

  1. Well, as I already wrote on the forum:

    Tom will truly be missed, but I’m looking forward to welcoming Alan in the band.
    I’m sure it’s all gonna be fine and as long as Camp LostAlone continues, it’s gonna be good.

    I’m sure Alan will do a great job 🙂


  2. I agree with Mareike up here, I will miss Tom, but Alan will have a warm welcome. xxx
    ah I’m getting more and more excited. 😀

  3. you animals are supporting?
    that makes me even more gutted i’m not old enough to go 🙁 🙁

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