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And from out of hibernation came a tidal wave of such ferocity and intensity that no moment would ever be the same again

by steven — 10:02am on Wednesday, February 18th 2009

Much like the genesis of creation all things have innate beauty all things have pathological needs. Beauty can be found in melody but only in the hearts of those who truly feel music, the spine tingles at a chord change or breath is chilled and then paused for a moment of true melodic ecstasy. Pathologically speaking I need to make this record – WE need to make this record – its not a choice to us but a burning desire, an ambition to leave a legacy, melodic riffage tumbling down a mountain side breaking away at melodic point and ending in Epic river caught in the tide and then banished underneath into a airless void only crustacean allow.

Making our second record has changed me, a euphoric mist has surrounded my mind and all I can see is lyrical journeys into far off places trillions of faces abdicated beings living in peace.  From the darkest vaults of this riffolgists mind I have mined slabs of a magnitude never before unearthed, sending in brain wave after brain wave in hard hats with lights on to search out the melodies I know I heard when I was 2 years old.

I hope you enjoy the new website,  content will be added daily as we continue on this epic journey

The countdown begins
Like exiles we started to build
And this record shall ROCK