If I want to decorate your body with my face
Or if talking to yourself is deemed bad for your health
I want to hold you til your blue so no one can touch you
Tolerate some more my clarity just walked out of the door
Wont you listen when I talk
Feeling this the same a sentence in a frame
You speak in different tongues to forget your problems
And we celebrate no cause I barrage you with thoughts
If we want to share a moment we must barricade the doors
If feel like I’ve been here before
Deal myself out
Every time you move I fall apart cos I am not the one who moves you
Only time will tell if we will ever change our ways
Let deep the scratch and leave a scar on you
Leave you with a souvenir a permanent bruise
All that we can save will vanish like the like the flame that you lit your cigarette with
And extinguished with a wave
Mr complex is on vibes every time we say goodbye
A therapeutic treatment I am just a background noise

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