This sound here is a corrupt wave
This here treasure is a find
Pleasure or pain I got to write these feelings down
I lie captive on the night train
The past flows silently outside
Scribe stir crazy in this tin can
Belief is written to incite
I can nearly taste the clear lake where Elysium resides
You’ve got a lot of heart but this is goodbye
I condemn your revolution
As a witch hunt through the chaos through all time
I’m well versed but evolution stirs my mind
Renounce all hallelujahs
Your god is on the beach not in the sky
A love for the mystical finds me
A Technicolor mission for the eye
A leap into the real world where reality defies
Conspiracy surrounds us this is goodbye
Lonely give into the lonely were staring into endless space time
Dazed and dizzy and starved of touch
Our explosion makes us limitless
Rise up and sleep a life
Lost and lonely survived by
Stark memories of a distant time
Raise your feelings high
Jaded vision in your eyes trust
You got to relay what you saw
And capture all your thoughts

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