Punchline Punched Back

Got to react
When you’re tired of being the punchline
So the punchline punched back
Got to relapse
Tired of being the punchline
Now the punchline punched back

Breaking news, yeah you’ve been used
We’re born inside a kill box that you never knew
Now see your life through funeral eyes
Like a masquerade 
Department store for shock and awe
I keep a secret mood board
And I’m plotting out a range of rage, its all the rage
All the schemes and games

Pull the camera back
The sharp end of your life is back
Attack attack the panic attack BANG
Leave it all for dead
Rows and rows of roses left
Don’t throw punches just throw bunches
Of flowers into the air

Shut your eyes and come alive
A holiday at Rekall
And we’re leaving here though Arnie’s eyes
Your dreams are lies
All a mass charade
Analyse don’t idolise
Silence isn’t golden when its your voice thats been stolen
There’s no fate just time
I hardly left my heartbeat, my heartbeat left me