Lost & Found Balance

I heard you can’t die at Disney
So that’s where I want to live
Wrap myself in a mystery
Give me you as a gift
And when it’s my birthday
That’s when they all say
“Life begins at this age”
So what have I been living all these days?
I don’t know if I got through
I need the grey ticks to turn to blue
So turn the last light off in the theme park tonight
Let the stars light us (Light us)
I would hold you up
On the highest ride
Let the stars light us
If we lost our balance would we fall in love tonight?
Now all of my thoughts are choirs
Echoing round my head
And I just can’t keep them quiet
So I join in instead
Don’t mop your tears up
It’s nice to let them pool
Look down on your reflection
You cried out a mirror into your soul
Now all the graffiti has scarves on
And that’s when I know that winter has come