Standing on the Ruin of a Beautiful Empire

This is a code embedded in prose
Shadow and rhyme the heart will be beat in time
Hidden in words the meaning obscured
Scream for your life they wont take me in line
We will rise up, rise up eyes on the horizon
This is the road the path that I chose
In subliminal verse a manifesto
We will rise up rise up eyes on the horizon
I’m never gonna fall asleep
I’m never gonna waste a dream again
I’m never gonna be born
I’m never gonna grow up again
I’m never gonna fall in love
I’m never gonna fall alone
This is the life for me
Standing on the ruin of a beautiful empire
Staring through the eyes of a Bernini sculpture
This is the time for me
Melancholy vision my own musical fracture
Listen to the light and melodically capture
This is the life for me
Fall into the pallet of a secret lost fresco
Hide behind the crochet on the manuscript paper

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