All At Once

Another new years day
A trial runaway
Plan my escape
I want to be erased
Eject this weight
Call a truce on feeling comfort
Its always all the same
I set my mind ablaze
And illuminate
Its just a different rage
In the different cage
And I’m hallucinating conflict
They’re always here when I’m alone
Memories under a microscope
They’re just reflections of my ghosts
And I just can’t let them go
All the echoes
All at once
Singing out our final song
And now we’re all together
All the lost
We’re all dreaming all at once 
I’m a warning sign
A mirror set alight
See a real life
See beyond the fight
Beyond the hype
Call a truce on feeling comfort
Oh forever
Climb forever
And find sadness at the summit
They’re always toying with my hope
Memories under a microscope
Locked in a jailhouse with my foes
And I just can’t let me go
I could just dream another way
To walk away
Where I’ve already gone